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Tapestry in East Harlem

"Weaving In & Out" courtesy of No Longer Empty

This week, Senior Retail Specialist Elliott Dweck and I took the 6 train uptown to 125th Street to show one of Besen Retail’s premier exclusives, Tapestry in East Harlem.


Taste Harlem

Where can you sample authentic African, African-American, Spanish, and Jamaican food all in one place? One of Manhattan’s most underrated neighborhoods, Harlem. Try the “Taste of Harlem Walking Tour,” where you can try a little bit from some of the area’s best eateries, while seeing some historic sights along the way. The tourguide Neal Shoemaker told Time Out New York, “I feel sometimes like I’m Mr. U.N. I mean, Kentucky kids eating authentic African food? It’s so cool! They’re not going to get that in Louisville.”


Signs up on Tapestry!

Retail Specialists Elliott Dweck, Evan Silver and I braved the heat to put up signs at one of our latest projects, Tapestry in East Harlem. I was there for art direction and moral support, but secretly took pictures instead. Take a look at the process and the end result:


Red Rooster Flocking to Harlem

Chef Marcus Samuelsson (picture via Wall Street Journal)

Recently named contestant on Bravo’s television series, Top Chef Master, Marcus Samuelsson is making plans to open his restaurant “Red Rooster” in Harlem. A speakeasy-style eatery serving up farm-to-table fresh food, the restaurant is expected to make its debut around Labor Day.


Join the Society

Society Coffee (picture via NY MAG)

You’ve waited in line at Stumptown, you’ve sipped at Abraco, and you’ve gotten your caffeine fix at both Ninth Street Espresso locations, but you’re looking for more. Try going north to Society Coffee in Harlem. A coffee shop “about people meeting, thinking, writing, talking and watching,” it was started by a group of creative artists and professionals, and is┬áthe ideal spot to enjoy a cup and a slice of cake with friends.