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Besen Retail Line of the Week 10/23

This line of the week made the cut, not necessarily for the quality of the words but for its quantity. And yet each time Executive Director Matt Mager said it, it seemed to be funnier, annoying Retail Specialist Adam Caplan to the point where he was pulling his eyelashes out.


Besen Retail Line of the Week 10/16

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. This week, I do not have words of wisdom for you, instead I have interpretive dance. Executive Director Matt Mager was dancing in his office this week in a moon walk-hustle-salsa combination to celebrate Besen Retail’s closed deals. With his thumbs pointed in the air, he moved to the symphony of success, no words necessary.


Besen Retail Line of the Week 10/9/09

Yesterday Retail Specialist Adam Caplan was speaking with a client when the line of the week popped out of his mouth,

“Want to save money? We all do. That’s what Geico tells us at least.”

The rest of us at Besen Retail knew that this line was made for the internet.


Besen Retail Line of the Week! 9/25/09

My notebook page where┬áI secretly write down things that are “line of the week” worthy is filled. This made it tough for me to choose just one quote to blog this week. Therefore, I have decided to put two lines in from the mouth of Executive Director Matt Mager. The first was yesterday:


Besen Retail Line of the Week! 9/18

Executive Director Matt Mager has enlightened us Dr. Seuss style this week:

“It’s twice the price and it rhymes real nice.”

Perhaps he should leave the retail real estate business and focus on writing children’s books? But then where would we be without his wisdom?