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Ice Cream, Cupcakes, Tacos, and Tea!

The East Village has become home to some of the trendiest retailers in New York City. New to this scene is Oaxaca Taqueria and T-drunk Teahouse. Besen Retail is happy to announce that our exclusives at 123 and 125 East 7th Street have both been leased! Oaxaca Taqueria and a traditional Chinese teahouse will be moving in, joining Big Gay Ice Cream and Butter Lane Bakery.


Not For Tourists

I have officially been living in the City for a week and I’m convinced that I found one of the best places  for Chinese food in New York. Located at 69 Bayard Street in Chinatown, is the famous 69 Chinese restaurant. 69’s is open 24 hours and is a great spot for lunch or dinner and is one of the few places in Chinatown that’s open late. Guaranteed to be packed between the hours of 2 and 4am, this restaurant caters to the late night crowd.


Just in time for summer…

Here’s the latest news at MODA Upgraded Living. It’s happening! It’s the corner! It’s CITYRIB! Mmmm, BBQ! Looking forward to this grand opening!


When is a dollar worth more than a dollar?

Besen Retail is happy to announce that 787 Ninth Avenue is leased. The new tenants moving in will be opening a Pizza Shop, not just any pizza shop, but $1 pizza!!! With neighboring tenants like Blue 9 Burgers, Pita Grill, Subway, and Holey Cream Ice Cream, the only thing this high traffic food block was missing is pizza. Problem solved, in just a few short months a brand new pizza store will be opening. You can never have enough pizza, especially is it’s only $1.


Must Try Dessert

Mix food with fun at Primehouse Steak House. Located on the corner of 27th and Park, Primehouse is home to my new, all time favorite, dessert…

‘Fill Your Own’ Box of Doughnuts.