Overbearing Traffic? MTA got you down? We Have Two Words for You: Pedal Power

Remember going to your local bicycle shop as a kid.  Getting that first bike with the banana seat.  Putting baseball cards in the spokes for what seemed like the coolest sound around!  Well, local bike shops are back.  Whether it’s nostalgia for simpler days of yore or the greening of our collective conscience, it’s cool to see that bikes are back.

In the Prospect Park/Lefferts section of Brooklyn, Bike Life signed a lease for 229 SF at 50 Lincoln Road.  A real mom and pop bike shop, Bike Life caters to the kid in all of us, as well as to health-conscious and green-conscious consumers.  Besen Retail represented both owner and tenant in this deal.  According to Senior Retail Specialist Elliott Dweck, who represented Bike Life, retail in this neighborhood is making a move away from the ubiquitous deli and nail salon, and trending more towards boutiques, organics, health/health food and, of course, cycling.  Take it from Elliott, the proud owner of a Trek Beach Cruiser bicycle!

In Williamsburg, in another deal negotiated by Besen Retail, BicyclePlus.Net signed a lease to open a 1,500 SF bicycle showroom at 145 Borinquen Place.  Stop in to check out the bikes, both new and used, and you just might find Elliott loading up on the latest gear.

Stay on your bike and take a ride over the bridge into Manhattan to Echelon Cycles and its 1,200 SF showroom of performance bicycles at 24 Horatio Street.  Besen Retail negotiated this deal too.  Could Lance Armstrong (or Elliott Dweck) be riding for the Besen Retail Cycle Team in the next Tour de France?

While we’ve blogged about these openings in previous posts, we’re just excited to see this trend.  So, if you want to get back into biking, check out one of these new bike shops.  Happy biking!


They buy used bike!


If you’re interested in selling a used or new bike, head over to BicyclePlus.Net (The brick-and-mortar store, because the website happens to be down, ironically).


145 Borinquen Place

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

(G Train to Metropolitan Ave. or L Train to Lorimer St.)


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