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Cupcakes Replace Hot Dogs?

New York is known for its street food– soft pretzels, roasted peanuts, and of course, hot dogs. But now the trendiest dessert may be taking over. Gourmet cupcake baker Gina Ojile just gained permission to sell her baked goods on the street in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Washington Square Park. She is currently testing her venture, Cake & Shake, right now in Astoria, Queens.

Signs up on Tapestry!

Retail Specialists Elliott Dweck, Evan Silver and I braved the heat to put up signs at one of our latest projects, Tapestry in East Harlem. I was there for art direction and moral support, but secretly took pictures instead. Take a look at the process and the end result:

More food on East 7th Street

East 7th Street might be one of the best food spots in the city, boasting restaurants like Porchetta, Butterlane Cupcakes, Luke’s Lobster, among others. Now a new eatery has opened in the neighborhood called Taureau, a BYOB fondue spot from the owner of La Sirene in the West Village. The space is small and skinny, but is decorated with white and red and plenty of two-person tables.

Earth Day Pop-Up!

Even Earth Day is getting involved in the pop-up shop trend. From April 19th through April 24th, Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal will host a six day pop-up of “luxury eco.” What’s that? Designers like Samantha Pleet, House of Organic, and Redhanded Bags will offer their environmentally-conscious collections to patrons, and Dex New York Cosmetics will also be selling earth-friendly makeup. The boutique will take up about 1400 SF of space of the hall.

Back in the day

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