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Something's going on here…

You’re probably wondering, why is everyone being so nice to Caitlin today? A gift from Vino AND an amazing lunch at Ilili? What’s going on here? Well, readers, today is my last day in Besen Retail. I’ve been offered a position in the publishing industry, and have decided to move on from my current position.


A gift from Vino

We’re lucky enough to have the best receptionists in the world here at Besen. Today Donna and Carolyne surprised me with a gift from one of my favorite wine shops, Vino (how did they know?).  Specializing in Italian wines, but boasting great selections from France, Spain, and Chile, the shop is one of the best I’ve seen in the city. It’s built out beautifully with a wood storefront and elegant decor. The staff is also very friendly and knowledgable, knowing the perfect bottle for every occasion.


We're Hummus Happy

Ilili restaurant

“I know the perfect place to get warm hummus,” Executive Director Matt Mager said. As a hummus enthusiast, I was thrilled to go to Ilili for lunch with the Besen Retail team. Before I even tasted the food, I was taken aback by how gorgeous the interior of the restaurant was, with its high ceilings, velvety lounge furniture, and dark wood tables.


Taste Harlem

Where can you sample authentic African, African-American, Spanish, and Jamaican food all in one place? One of Manhattan’s most underrated neighborhoods, Harlem. Try the “Taste of Harlem Walking Tour,” where you can try a little bit from some of the area’s best eateries, while seeing some historic sights along the way. The tourguide Neal Shoemaker told Time Out New York, “I feel sometimes like I’m Mr. U.N. I mean, Kentucky kids eating authentic African food? It’s so cool! They’re not going to get that in Louisville.”


96th Street Now More Accessible!

Good news for Upper West Siders– a new subway station at 96th Street (for the 1,2,3 trains) is now open. Even better news? It’s now much easier to access space for lease 2626 Broadway, the old Metro Theater. Our own UWS resident Evan Silver was on the scene today to snap a picture.