Daily Archives: March 17, 2010

Irish Cupcake Alert!

Irish-themed Cupcake Stop cupcakes (picture via Twitter @CupcakeStop)

Famous food truck the Cupcake Stop has loaded up its St. Patrick’s Day menu with Irish-themed flavors. Try Irish Soda Bread, Stout, Drunken Raisin, Bailey’s Cheesecake, or Irish Coffee. The cupcakes are available in both a small bize-sized cupcake for a dollar, or a regular sized for $3. The truck is parked on the corner of 5th Avenue and 23rd Street. Get there before 5pm!


A Denim Lover's Haven

(picture via Racked)

The Brooklyn Denim Co. started over drinks in the Spring. The owners were discussing the negative economy and how it was affecting fashion, when they decided to open a Brooklyn denim retail store with some of the best brands in the world. The plan was to create a company with the long term-goal of manufacturing “made in America” products, offering the “true denim experience.”


Update: Hester Street Fair Foods

A Russ & Daughers bagel (picture via Tasty Chomps)


Best St. Patrick's Day Destinations

Puck Fair (picture via Yelp)

Want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but overwhelmed by all the shamrock covered options? I’ve picked out a few places to spend the holiday to rid you of confusion and stress! Whether you want to enjoy the Irish fare, or just the beer, there’s a fabulous destination for you on this list.