Daily Archives: January 28, 2010

Bread & Butter Conquering Park Avenue South

A soon-to-open Bread & Butter on Park Avenue South.


Eat while you exercise

(pictures via NY Times)

You’ve heard about other yoga combinations, yoga and hot temperatures, yoga and meditation, but have you heard about the latest combo? Yoga and… food? David Romanelli from Exhale Spa has created the “Yoga for Foodies” program combining an hour of vigorous yoga and then a multicourse dinner of pasta, red wine, and chocolate.


Coffee Gets Technical

The Slayer Espresso Machine

Probably the most high-tech coffee shop in the city, RBC Coffee NYC opened last week in Tribeca. The cafe serves your cup straight from the “Slayer Espresso Machine,” an $18,000 machine that is one of fewer than 20 in the world! What makes it so special? The Slayer offers variable pressure brewing or “pressure profiling” to get the best out of the coffee beans.


New Chinese Restaurant Green and Healthy

Chinese food is easy to find in New York, with restaurants serving up pork fried rice and sesame chicken around every corner, but it’s rarely considered healthy or eco-friendly. Restauranteur Michael Bruno is changing its reputation with “Michael and Ping’s Modern Chinese Take-Out” in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Dedicated to creating a healthier version of theĀ fare, Bruno is using higher quality ingredients, and steaming, roasting, and grilling instead of frying.