Polite Graffiti

Picture via WWD

An artist who goes by “Finley” is covering city dumpsters with what she calls “polite graffiti.” Using donated wallpaper, she blankets the dumpsters to jazz up the otherwise unattractive objects. Finley hopes that others will copy her style. “I love when people take an idea and re-create it. That’s one of the great things about art– you can beg, borrow, and steal. There are no rights or copyrights. It’s all free,” she said.

Today she is spreading the word by teaching a class on how to beautify a dumpster from 3-6pm. This is just the begining for Finley, as after New York she will be in LA and then 10 other European cities. Want to see Finley’s work? Her latest dumpster dressing can be found in front of the New Museum.


  • http://stephaniehopp.wordpress.com Stephanie

    What a brilliant idea! Kudos to Finley!