Daily Archives: November 6, 2009

Try Conveyor Belt Sushi


During my semester abroad in London, my fellow Syracuse-ers (Syracusians?) and I became regulars at a sushi bar called “Yo!” Unlike any sushi restaurant in America that I had been to, Yo! had a conveyor belt circling around the restaurant. Sushi chefs cooked in the middle of the belt, while the customers sat on the outside. Once finished with a fish-filled creation, the chefs placed them on the belt, allowing customers to pull dishes from the rotation. The price is calculated by the plates, as each color corresponds with a different price.


Army Green is the New Gray

For fall, gray was the new black. But for winter, army green is the new gray. Retail shops all over Manhattan are selling lines filled with light to darker shades of this military style color. Take a look at some of my picks below to add some green to your winter wardrobe.


Besen Retail Line of the Week! 11/6/09

I promised Retail Specialist Elliott Dweck that I would never quote him on this weekly blog feature, but I had to break that promise for this line. Discussing featured space for lease 50 Hudson Street with Executive Director Matt Mager, Elliott said:

“50 Hudson Street is like an English Muffin; it’s full of nooks and crannies.”


Free Haircuts from Bumble and bumble.


Victoria Beckham and her "graduated bob" hairstyle.

Sick of spending hundreds of dollars for a haircutĀ at a New York salon? Me too; which is why I entered to receive a free haircut from Bumble and bumble. The famous hair business started the Bumble and bumble University Model Project, offering free haircuts, coloring, and styling for those selected to be a model. Rather than using plastic dummies, students learn through chosen clients.