Madison Square Market Now Open!

Madison Square Market

Madison Square Market

Take a walk down to Madison Square Park today until November 1st and enjoy the Madison Square Market. In flea market style, the park is lined with tents selling food, jewelry, clothing, and other goods. I took a trip today to scout out the area. The food portion is peddling everything from $6 bags of honey crisp apples, to the most fashionable dessert of the moment, cupcakes. Restaurants from all over the city are participating, including Fatty Crab, Viking Danish Cuisine, Wafels and Dinges, Cabrito, Suzette, Hill Country Barbecue Market, and even Ben and Jerry’s.  Fatty Crab overflowed with people, with a lunch time line stretching across the area. Before you leave, make sure to try a sample of Breezy Hill Orchard’s fresh apple cider or purchase a pumpkin.

As for shopping, I noticed a couple recurring trends, one being a large selection of recycled items.  Bags constructed out of recycled paper and plastic, and Nahui  Ollin had handbags made solely from candy wrappers. Angelic glass, just a few tents away had a variety of vases made from old glass bottles, the perfect way to add a vintage appeal to your apartment.

If you are looking for gorgeous handmade jewelry, this is the place to stop. A selection of distinctive pieces created with stones, silver, gold plating, and colorful beads, the market is brimming with jeweled accessories. The most common trend I spotted was charm necklaces. Usually a gold or silver chain with a single tiny charm at the end, maybe a small owl, pinecone, bird, or heeled shoe.

The market is open from 11am-8pm daily, and may be the best place to start your holiday shopping!

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