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Invisible Dog Walkers in Cobble Hill

I don’t get it. According to The Gothamist, the Improv Everywhere Gang took 2,000 “dogs” for a walk in Cobble Hill Brooklyn, just a few blocks down from featured space for lease 226 Atlantic Ave. The invisible dog walkers were using a toy created in the 1970′s manufactured in Brooklyn. The toy factory is now an invisible dog art space full of vintage dog leashes. What is the point? I’m not sure. Perhaps I am not as cultured or artistic as this gang. I guess it’s good you don’t have to pick up after them? Check out the pictures of the scene below, and if you understand it, please explain. (Photos Courtesy Katie Sokoler)

Update on the Fried Chicken Obsession of 2009

fried Just last week I wrote an article about the Fried Chicken Craze sweeping the city, as I deemed it the trendiest comfort food of the moment. Since then, I have seen several articles on the top chicken places to visit, and most recently, NY Mag published their “Bucket List” of nine fried chicken spots to hit before you die, or before it kills you. A few of the nine stuck out to me as they are located in great neighborhoods, near featured spaces for lease. Check it out:

Shop to Help Fight AIDS and Homelessness

Housing Works on E 23rd Street

Housing Works on E 23rd Street

Want to spruce up your wardrobe with some designer duds, but also help out a good cause? Head to one of my favorite shops, Housing Works. Not only do they have fabulous thrift finds, but it’s also a socially conscious organization, helping to fight both crisises, AIDS and homelessness. The largest community-based AIDS service in the world, the organization runs the Housing Works Thrift Shops, a chain of upscale thrift shores throughout NYC, as well as the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, a used bookstore in Soho.