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Hit the streets, not the phone

by Adam Caplan, Retail Specialist

A deal with Associated Supermarkets in Jamaica Queens was a direct result from door to door canvassing.

A deal with Associated Supermarkets in Jamaica, Queens was a direct result of door to door canvassing.

Ever since real estate brokerage began, telephone canvassing has been one of the most effective ways for brokers to instantly reach out to buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants alike. It gives the broker the opportunity to detect his or her client’s motivation level to potentially carry out a real estate transaction.

Best Fashion Week Eats

Diners at Barrio Chino

Diners at Barrio Chino

Bag It.


Death and Taxes magazine pointed out one of the most important ways New Yorkers can express themselves and show the rest of the city their personality, and it’s with one simple item– the bag. While you may only use your bag for utility purposes, to carry around the items that really tell the world who you are, the bag can actually transform your identity to those who see you every day.