A Craving for Cupcakes

cakesIn order to properly celebrate my birthday this past weekend, I needed some overly fancy, intricately decorated baked goods. While I usually ignore any food that is not organic, soy, whole-grain, vegan or gluten-free, my boyfriend in his infinite wisdom reasoned that since it is my birthday, it is okay to consume refined sugar one day. I guess I could agree with that.

We were in the East Village, apparently a place where cupcakes are so “in” right now. Customers line up for their own personal strawberry, buttercream, or banana frosted cake. Not far from Besen Retail’s space for lease, 83 East 7th Street, sits an adorable bake shop, the Black Hound. We stood outside the window for 17 minutes staring and pointing at the pasteries as if they were doing magic tricks with their white chocolate drizzle.

“Look at that one!” I breathed, pointing at a coconut covered, chocolate frosted tower.

“Nah, I’m not crazy about the coconut. I would eat that one,” he gestured to swirly strawberry raspberry chocolate mound. When we finally regained our composure we headed into the shop. I sampled the chocolate coconut cake from the window and then paced around murmuring about how I didn’t know what to get. He had his eye on a thick, fudgey brownie.

While I had decided I would spring for something completely unhealthy, I couldn’t help but order the honey cake, filled with semi-nutritious lumps of nuts and raisins. The Black Hound not only offers cupcakes, cookies, and pasteries, but also has a selection of chocolates and candy, including almond petals, hazlenut brittle, and assorted truffles. They have also contructed gift baskets stuffed with ribbon adroned boxes of cookies and candies, which make the perfect “happy belated birthday” present for any twenty-three year old Besen Retail blogger you might know. Just a hint.



  • Joe

    Tina and myself will be sure to treat you to a “Belated” birthday goodie this weekend!!


  • besenretail

    Aww! I can’t wait to see you guys!