Daily Archives: September 4, 2009

Baby Hotels: Future Retail Trend?

babyLast minute plans for the weekend and you can’t find a babysitter? If you are in Johannesburg, South Africa you can check your tot into the Baby Hotel. For $70 dollars a night, children up to three years old are offered a room including dinner, a bath, and even potty training if you so desire.


Potato Skins and Mudslide Martinis: TGI Friday's Opening in Union Square

fridayNext summer, TGI Friday’s will make its debut in Union Square.  While some will be happy to have a new place to grab an Ultimate Margarita after work, others don’t want to see the red and white stripes in their neighborhood. Several groups spoke out against the restaurant. SaveUnionSqNYC protested on Twitter saying, “Follow us & help send a loud and clear message to the Riese Organization that we don’t want this TGI Friday’s in Union Square. SAVE THE SQUARE!”


Besen Retail Line of the Week! 9/4/09

We have a new winner of the Besen Retail Line of the Week this week. This time, the Executive Director of Besen Retail, Matt Mager, is gracing our headlines with his poignant words. Taking a new approach to the parent-esque phrase, “Because I said so,”

“Because I’m a brilliant broker.”