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I'll Take a Tweed Blazer and a Scotch on the Rocks

J.Crew Men's Shop at the Liquor Store, TriBeCa

J.Crew Men's Shop at the Liquor Store, TriBeCa

If you are a man that loves preppy/vintagey fashion and a little bit of brown liquor, this is the shop for you. Located close by our trendy TriBeCa featured property, 50 Hudson Street, is the J. Crew Mens Shop at The Liquor Store.  Veering away from the traditional J.Crew gear, this store is known for its vintage-French style, sporting items like Mackintosh coats, Italian suits, vintage oxford shirts, leather messenger bags, and an array of cashmere.

Are Hookah Bars Smoked?

Hookah Bar in Chelsea, Horus Too

Hookah Bar in Chelsea, Horus Too

For college students and twenty-somethings, hookah bars are popular hangouts, seen as a social alternative to smoking cigarettes. Since smoking indoors has been banned in New York, more and more people are heading to their local hookah or cigar bars to light up. There are 37 hookah bars in the East Village alone, including the popular Cozy Cafe, Cafe Khufu, and Sultanta.

Lobster Rolls into the East Village


Although lobster is usually associated with summer, post-Labor Day is the best time to buy. Luke’s Lobster is taking advantage of the dropping lobster prices by opening a restaurant in the East Village. Their biggest selling point? The $14 lobster roll, made from fresh Maine lobster meat.

Take a Break in TriBeCa

facialDuring an average day in New York City, you are likely to get blasted in the face with bus exhaust, bump shoulders with a few fellow pedestrians, and probably start feeling asthmatic from the thick pollution. Sprawling out on your futon at the end of the day, you feel the thick layer of germs and grime on your skin that you can’t seem to rid yourself of no matter how many showers you take. (Something in the water maybe?) Luckily, the TriBeCa Med Spa will come to your rescue.