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Besen Retail Line of the Week! 8/21/09

Due to the infinite clever lines our retail staff members are spitting out, we decided we needed to share our wisdom with the world. Therefore, we started our new feature, “Besen Retail Line of the Week.”

This week’s line comes from our Retail Specialist Adam Caplan, as he negotiated with a client:


Top Shopping Streets and Neighborhoods

Not sure where you want to purchase your next retail property? Frommer’s presents the “Top Shopping Streets and Neighborhoods,” outlining the best destinations for consumers. Get the insight on the feel of each area and find out where your shop would best fit in. “Top Shopping”

First J.C. Penney, Next Kohl's?

Discount department store J.C. Penney recently opened a new store on 34th street in Manhattan, “J.C. Penney Goes for the Manhattan Cash.”  According to Women’s Wear Daily, Kohl’s may be thinking about following in their footsteps as they look to a Manhattan site, Kohl’s Eyeing Manhattan.
Are Manhattanites creating a greater demand for department store prices? 



Have a Sweet Spot For a Dessert Truck?


 Jerome Chang is looking! According to the Village Voice, he’s checking out the West and East Village, as well as the Lower East side. Chang is currently planning on adding more desserts, baked goods, and coffee drinks to his already well-known repetoire of bacon custard sauce and brioche donuts. My arteries are clogging just typing those words. Check out the article:

  “Jerome Chang is ‘looking for space’ for a dessert truck storefront.”


Weekly Neighborhood Spotlight: Pelham Parkway, Bronx by Retail Specialist, Adam Caplan

In recent years, there has been much abuzz about up-and-coming Bronx neighborhoods such as Fordham and SoBro. From The Hub to The Gateway Center, much of the focus of city planners and urban renewal committees has focused on residential and retail projects in West Bronx. As such, these revitalized areas have experienced incredible diversity.